About us

Today’s complex marketplace of advertising, marketing, and branding throws up a host of problems, issues, grey areas that businesses, entrepreneurs, promoters and marketing folks need to face or are in a dilemma to solve. Who to work with? Who is the right communication vendor who can execute a brands marketing plans across PR, advertising, brand planning & strategy, digital, social, media buying etc. What is the right price? What should the proposed team structure be? Am I paying too much or not enough for the services required? How do I save my time from meeting endless marcom vendors, not knowing what I will get at the end of the day?

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What Last Mile Does?

It is a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together in the area of marketing communication services. We are also a dissonance service provider- helps clients arrive at accurate cost budgets on agency productions and other third party initiatives. Our offerings even cover other pain points such as talent recruitment, investor funding, outsourced HR and accounting functions.

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What is the logic behind Last Mile

We try and close pain points for marketers in terms of vendor selection, cost estimations, work scope & fees. We are a provider of solutions- so that marketers can focus on their brand and business, and leave the sticky issues for Last Mile to handle. We save time & a lot of money for marketers.

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Who does Last Mile benefit?


Marketer & brand teams- we help in saving costs from marketing spends and plough those funds back into their business to make their marketing buck go further. We help start- ups get off the ground in the initial stages. We help CFO’s keen on implementing a system to check costs. We help VC’s and investors and give them a reality check on marketing spends. We help HR Departments find good, resourceful talent tailored to the JD

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Necessity behind Last Mile's Purpose

Huge cultural change impacting the advertising & marketing industry in India, massive pressures on revenues (organic & inorganic) and operating margins, cost of retaining top talent a stress point for the agency, client fee slowdown, irregular fee hikes as per agency, high global expectations given declining growth rates in Europe & N.A, Agency overhead costs higher than growth rate in the business, fragmentation of agency functions: money distributed across more marketing services (digital, social, brand identity, etc.). All this leading to questions of integrity, transparency and honesty in relationships between brands and their communication partners and other third party vendors

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Purpose of Last Mile

Last Mile exists to be a marketplace, where all marketing communication vendor services are available under one roof, which aims to provide solutions for a client’s business problems in a transparent and ethical manner.